Unlock the power of emotional intelligence in the workplace with our cutting-edge solution. seamlessly integrates AI and neuroscience to measure and manage your emotional and mental states.

Gain deeper insights into your wellbeing and enhance workplace satisfaction with️. By analyzing eye movement patterns and facial analytics, our innovative technology ensures a happier and more productive you at work.

Experience the future of emotional wellbeing with️. Measure it, so you can manage it!


Your ultimate solution for the daunting task of choosing the perfect university major. Say goodbye to the overwhelming tug-of-war between personal passions, parental expectations, and career aspirations.

Our cutting-edge technology provides real-time analysis of your emotions towards various subjects, offering invaluable insights into your level of excitement or apprehension. Let us guide you towards a clearer path to your future success.


Introducing Ai-GamingBuddy – the game-changing software designed exclusively for developers ready to elevate their gaming experiences to unprecedented levels. Say goodbye to ordinary gameplay and welcome a new era of full based on our revolutionary solution.

Why settle for generic feedback when Ai-GamingBuddy offers real-time insights into players emotional states? Empower yourself with concrete metrics to steer your game away from mediocrity and towards captivating adventures that resonate deeply with your audience.

 Use Ai-GamingBuddy to capture real-time emotional states while testing your game before publishing it.  

  We combine neuroscience and AI to provide game developers insights to release their best game. 

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