A scientific approach

Poor wellbeing in the workplace has been identified as one of the main reasons that companies are losing customers, profits, and talent. A study found that health and wellness programs are failing, since only 23% of employees agree that their companies offer good access to relevant benefits. And only half of them agree that they receive the emotional support they need at the workplace to help them manage their daily stress. Now, with more people working from home, and ‘Zoom fatigue’ being on the rise, burnout seems to be a real issue that companies need to face. An issue they won’t have to face alone! is a unique platform that provides an integrative approach in detecting signs of decrease in wellbeing, before these are behaviourally expressed, and before they become a serious problem both for the individual and the organization.

How does it work?
  • will be collecting emotion data through the employee’s workstation in real time, such as from their microphone or webcam.
  • The data collected will be analyzed and provided individually to each employee with a user-friendly interface, to help them self-supervise their performance and metrics.
  • Then, the aggregate and anonymized data of the group’s performance will be available to the employer, with analytical options that can provide comparisons between job positions, teams, projects and business units.
What data will be collected?
  • Emotional Face Analysis: Emotional expressions captured through webcam or phone cam during online sessions.
  • Eye Tracking: Attention captured through webcam or phone cam when looking at materials (i.e. reports).
  • Emotional Voice Analysis: Emotional voice fluctuations captured through device microphone (online or by phone).
  • Wearable GSR: heart rate and stress/excitation signals captured through wristband.
  • EEG: Shipped to a smaller sample of employees to wear for a limited period while working, in cases that require a deep dive research.