Our dedicated team

At Wellbeing.ai we believe that every workplace deserves to thrive through careful planning and understanding of the employees’ needs. Combining years of experience both in business and in science, with strong big-data analytics skills and the passion for excellence, our team promises to revolutionise wellbeing at work. Find out more about us below.

Laurent Van Tornhout


Laurent is a serial entrepreneur with a passion to bring people-centric innovation to market. In the software and telecom business, he was able to build up experience at Zappware, Telenet, Ericsson, Siemens, Proximus and Philips. He provides advice to several scale-up companies among which Ocular and TelSmart. 

Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis

Chief Vision Officer

Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis is an award-winning communications professional, educator and consultant. He has scanned more than 6,000 brains globally for Neuromarketing and NeuroHR purposes.

He has authored two books for Kogan Page, London: “Neuroscience for Leaders” and “Advanced Marketing Management”. He is a Professor of Practice at The University of York European Campus, Greece, and a Visiting Professor at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

He is also the Chairman of the People Committee at the World Innovation and Change Management Institute, Switzerland, and the Head of Neuro Consulting Services at Optimal HR Group, Greece.

Dr. Jeison Parra Tijaro

Head of R&D

Jeison Parra Tíjaro has completed research in Barcelona (Spain), Durham (UK), in brain, behaviour and decision making, getting expertise in neuroimaging techniques and emotional tracking technology.

In the private sector he has performed research linking psychological variables such stress and thinking styles with work performance, as well as studies in consumer behaviour. He has an extensive background in statistical analysis, primary data collection and execution of pilot projects.

Moreover, he has majors in management and psychology, and graduated with an MBA in 2012.

Sanja Pejcic

Customer Success Manager

Sanja has over a decade of international experience in project management and marketing, and has designed and ran partner programs, recruitment projects, and app publications for Microsoft, working with various teams, channel partners, and software vendors. Her ambition is to enable people and organizations to be more successful with the help of modern tools and technologies.

As someone who suffered from the burnout herself, Sanja is passionate about helping people use science-based methods and technology to detect early signs of anxiety and burnout and learn how to be in charge of their own wellbeing.

Doha Kazoun

Digital Marketing Manager

Doha Kazoun is a self-taught tech-savvy marketeer, always on the lookout for the newest trends and concepts to adapt them to work strategies #Innovation. Not only does she love content creation and pitching ideas, but she also goes beyond to ensure it is perfectly delivered to the user to create an engaged community.

Hatem Alharazin

Data Scientist

Hatem Alharazin is a statistician and a data scientist. Hatem holds a master’s degree in statistics and a data science, and a master’s degree in social data science from KU Leuven university – Belgium.

Hatem has 10 years of diverse experience in statistical analysis and data science techniques. He is familiar with modern technologies and programming languages such as R, SAS, and Python, friendly user of different operation systems such IOS and Windows. Enthusiastic about further developing, willing to go out of his comfort zone and loves to make significant impact and massive contribution.

Alan Maene

Software Engineer

Alan Maene is a young software engineer captured by technology and programming since he was 15.

With various projects throughout his life and recent experience in the diamond and luxury sector, he sets his goals of improving general and work-related wellbeing.

Christophe Soens

International Business Development Manager

Christophe is passionate about innovative technology that has an impact on society. With his IT and sales background, and experience as an IT consultant, Christophe learned to listen to the needs of organisations and help them implement digital solutions. As a result, he has helped many organisations to create value and increase efficiency in their business operations. Christophe believes tech should be used ethically and responsibly, to bring positive changes to society.